Tank Sherman Comedian

Hello me Dearios, I hope you are fit, safe and well and sticking to the safety rules and guidelines.

If you are reading this then you are above ground. I'm glad x

These are sad times. Between June 2020 and October 2020, we lost my wife's mother and my father. Nothing can bring Peggy and Alan back, but we can help to safeguard others xxx

Our beloved Entertainment world entered an enforced coma in March and in July we were reawakened to a new and totally different way of life. Many rules and regulations to keep us safe and slow the spread of the Coronavirus.

Some people stuck to the rules - a lot didn't 🙁

The coronavirus was allowed to replicate itself and infect and kill vast numbers in the UK (and across the world) and so Lockdown 2 came in to place. At this time of writing (November 2020) we are still 'locked down'.

Or supposed to be. A lot of people don't seem to care.

If we forget the rules, ignore them, or assume they are meant for others, and not us, a third wave will no doubt hit us.

Not just us, but our planet.


So, I beg you to be safe, be strong, be positive.

Stay at least 1 metre apart when meeting others until this is relaxed ( but if you can manage it, 2 metres is safer than 1 metre ).

Don't run the risk of pouring fuel on to this devistating fire and watch it rise up again.

Be sensible. Be strong.


I, my family, friends and fellow entertainers, agents and bookers, are sending you all our love, strength and positive vibes during these dark days.

Acts and agents are working together to ensure that we can entertain the guests that will hopefully come back to the various venues.

When the lockdown ends, check out live entertainment where you live. Try to support it, and at the same time enjoy the fabulous variety that still awaits you !!






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