Tank Sherman Comedian


Helloooooooooooooo, and welcome to my website, here on the Infinite Multiverse!!

Obviously, you haven’t got a lot to do today, so you thought you would mosey into town and look me up. Well, I’m glad you did.

I am a Stand Up Main Stream Comedian who loves telling jokes and stories. I don’t swear during my act – what’s the point? If a joke is funny, then it’s funny. END OF!!!!!

Mind you, adult shows, Sportsperson Dinners etc MAY contain a few expletives!! ?

I love performing and I love making all types of audiences – young, old and the ones in the middle LAUGH!!

I’m not a managed act although I work for top Entertainment Agencies and I am often recommended by clients that I have previously worked for.

AND – you can make enquiries on this ‘ere website if you need a daft comedian for your event!!

Welcome to my site, look around and above all, KEEP BREATHING!!!!!

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