Tank Sherman Comedian

Hello, thanks for dropping by.

We are now in the midst of something that I didn't think I would see (and prayed I wouldn't see) in my lifetime. We are at the mercy of a vile and uncaring virus, COVID 19 (coronavirus).

It kills indiscriminately, young and old and at the present time, has no known anti-virus or cure 🙁

Obviously this has hit our world very hard, with airlines only running a bare fraction of flights. Countries on lockdown and isolation. Holiday venues empty. Hotels locked down, resorts like ghost towns and across the globe, millions of people unable to work and struggling on a lower income. Some on no income at all.

It's a very frightening time for everybody.

Thank God that we have got our incredible NHS battling for us, saving lives, caring for the very , very sick and trying to discover a cure for this evil 'plague' that has struck our planet.

And thank God for all our carers, volunteers, hospice staff, care home workers etc.

All these Front Line personnel have shown the true 'Bulldog' spirit in these desperate days.

Our beloved Entertainment world will be one of the last businesses to resurect itself once we can win this fight. Who knows what the rules will be for audiences and performers. At the present time, the future is unknown and very frightening.

BUT - we will win in the end. I think our world will be a different place once we can leave this long, dark, frightening tunnel that we are in.

The sun will shine through, and our world can get back to some sort of 'normality'.

And my job will remain the same. To bring a smile to peoples worlds and faces. It may be some time before I can tread the boards once again, but until then, I will remain at home, safe, and not help to spread this terrible bug!


So, be safe, be strong, be positive. Stay at least 2 metres apart when meeting others. Don't run the risk of pouring fuel on to this devistating fire and watch it rise up again. Be sensible. Be strong.


I, my family, friends and fellow entertainers, are sending you all our love, strength and positive vibes during these dark cloud days.




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