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About Tank

In the last few years, Tank has certainly pushed his way upwards and onwards in the comedy business and is one of the most well known, well loved and well respected comics in the West Country, the UK, Namibia and the Arctic Circle.

Graham (Tank) spent his school years looking out of classroom windows, and after 12 years realised that he hadn't a clue what he wanted to do with his life.

So he got a job selling Ball Bearings in Exeter and whilst on holiday in Weymouth, entered a talent contest - which he won. That may sound good, but the other contestants were a One Legged Tap Dancer (who was suffering from an ingrown toenail) and a secretary who had learnt to sing in short-hand!

But he had the bug, he knew that making people smile and laugh was his chosen career, and after a few years had started to perform as  . . . . TANK SHERMAN.

Tank has worked alongside Jethro, both live, on TV and on 5 DVD's, won an ITV Talent Contest, performed on TV and SKY TV. He has headlined shows at The Babbacombe Theatre and done Panto with Jimmy Osmond.

Tank was the star act at the Ossmington Pigeon Fanciers Ball where he had the audience eating out of his hand !!!

Not being afraid of a bit of travelling, Tank regularly takes to the skies and the Seven Seas, doing fly-backs and cruises across the globe.

Tank's pet hate is being kicked in the backside (get it? His pet ????).

Another of Tanks pet hates are acts that thinks a joke or a funny story needs a swear word and foul language to make it funnier. It doesn't. End of!

A Brief History Of Tank Sherman

1981 to 1999 - Social Clubs, Holiday Venues, Theatres

1999 - ITV “GIVE YOUR MATE A BREAK” Winner of Show 6

1999 - 2005 – Social Clubs, Holiday Venues, Theatre Comedian

2002 - Carlton TV – “CLUB 22.45” – Warm up comic and Comedy writer for presenters.

2001 - 2005 – Westcountry TV -  “SPORTSNIGHT” Show comedian

2005 - SKY TV – “THE NEW VARIETY SHOW” Recorded 3 live comedy shows.

2005 - SKY TV – “A MAN AND HIS BAT” Own comedy show

2005 - 2007 -  Social Clubs, Holiday Venues, Theatre, Fly Backs and cruises – Comedian.

2005 – Jethro DVD “LIVE IN CUCKOO LAND” Guest Comedian

2006 – Jethro DVD “LIVE FROM THE MADHOUSE Guest Comedian

2007 – Jethro DVD “LIVE AT JETHRO’S Guest Comedian

2007 – Babbacombe Theatre – “STRICTLY COMEDY & DANCING” Variety show – Headline act, comedy and dancing

2007 - Babbacombe Theatre – “THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF CHRISTMAS” Variety show – Headline act, comedy and dancing

2007 – 2013 - Social Clubs, Holiday Venues, Theatres Fly Backs and cruises – Comedian

2008 - Babbacombe Theatre – “LOVE IS … VARIETY” Variety show – Headline act, comedy and dancing

2008 - Babbacombe Theatre – “CHRISTMAS IS MAGICAL " Variety show – Headline act, comedy and dancing

2009 - Babbacombe Theatre – “ALIVE WITH LAUGHTER" Variety show – Headline act, comedy and dancing

2009 - Babbacombe Theatre – “CHRISTMAS CRACKER" Variety show – Headline act, comedy and dancing

2009– Jethro DVD “TOO LATE TO GROW UP”  Guest Comedian

2010 – Pantomime, White Rock Theatre for QDOS Productions Baron Hardup in “CINDERELLA” with Jimmy Osmond

2010 – Jethro DVD “JETHRO – I TOLD IT MY WAY” Guest Comedian

2011 -  Royal Hippodrome Theatre, Eastbourne   “STRICTLY COMEDY & DANCING”  Headline act, comedy and dancing

2011 to present day, compere for  “KEEPING IT LIVE”

2012 - Everywhere, UK, abroad, even worked in Okehampton twice!!

2013 - Going well so far . . . . “KEEPING IT LIVE” Blackpool and  first Cross Channel Swim !! (BBC1 to Channel 4)

2014 - Here, there, everywhere and all over the place.

2015 - See 2014

2016 - Loved it!

2017 - Great year!

2018 - Made lots of people laugh, and gave the miserable ones something to moan about !!! 🙂 Just a bit longer to go!

2019 - Fingers crossed for another 12 months of merrymaking, and good health ! xxx

2020 - Not quite there yet!! : - )


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