That’s it you made it sit down have a nice cuppa and a few Hob Nobs and take things easy for a while.

If you have perused the web looking for a traditional stand-up comedian and story teller then I am glad that it has directed you here.

Now, as I look at my availability for 2018, there doesn’t seem to be many dates left.

Well, I am happy to book you in for 2019, or why not drop me a line and I can try to recommend a colleague who might well look after you?tea

Whilst some entertainers are hesitant about recommending others, I have no problem in doing so.

If I can help you find a good comedian for your function, well, you may just try me the next time you need one!!!

I hope the rest of your day goes well, try and smile at least 20 times before you go to bed tonight.

And when you wake up, find an excuse to laugh, even if you have to look in the mirror !!!!! 🙂

Tank Sherman